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    Private Czech Lessons for foreigners

    I am an experienced teacher of Czech for foreigners. I have been teaching Czech for foreigners for more than five years. I have got a website which can help you practice basic grammar and vocabulary. The audio files help you learn pronunciation. During the course I will be using my web to guide you through the course. I can speak perfect Hungarian and English and understand fairly well German and Russian. I can teach you via the internet or phone (if you have a Czech phone number) or face-to-face in my office in Brno.

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    You can have 1 free 45 minute lesson to try if this course is the right for you. You do not need to pay for the lesson. You do not need any books. I use my website as a coursebook. I wrote the site some five years ago to help my students practice Czech online. I recommend you pre-pay 20 lessons via secure credit card processing site Paypal. After 20 lessons you will already see that your Czech skills are better and you better understand what people say. Your understanding of grammar will be much better, too.

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    I am an experienced teacher of languages. Primarily I teach English for Czechs in Brno but I have got a lot of experience with teaching Czech to foreigners. I can speak Hungarian and English. I understand well German and Russian. I am a really GOOD teacher. Contact me for a free trial.
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    You can leave a message here or call me or text me at tel:(+420) 608 415 343 or via Skype Skype id: videocestina
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